Elemate : a single solution to capture AND leverage all the knowledge

Information management is critical

How and why shall I write this procedure ?
How can I draw a proper flow chart ?
Who is responsible for that decision ?
Who’s actually still using Excel and why ?
Are we compliant with regulation XYZ ?

Elemate: a single solution to capture AND leverage all the knowledge spread within your organization.

Not an expert ? Not a problem

Elemate lets everyone intuitively add people, resources, inputs/outputs and processes to a dedicated workspace. Then you enrich with risks, controls, business rules and documents or the latest regulations, at your own pace, with your own words.

Focus on the essential : what you know. We give you the rest : a framework, smart templates to type or import, assisted diagram design, suggestions to fill gaps or improve connections and a large variety of export or presentation formats. The result : all the info you need, when and how you need it.

A powerful assistant to build an interactive blueprint of your organisation.

Elemate : to build an interactive blueprint

Elemate helps you…

Capture information

  • Process, operating instructions
  • Activity, team description
  • Roles, responsibilities, expertises
  • Norms, certifications
  • Diagnosis, audit, as-is


Document >

Assess ahead of project

  • Digitization state
  • Transformation projects
  • Tools Specifications
  • Org presentation
  • Training


Prepare > 

Analyze and pilot

  • Management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Audit, Consulting
  • Strategic steering
  • Process reviews


Leverage >

When your business…


Social, digital, environmental… Anticipate transformation impacts

Elemate helps you build and visualise a global picture of where you are at. Then you can tackle your project confidently, with the right information at hand and smoothly reach your objectives.

Goes compliant

Preempt, answer all the questions and reassure

Map what you have vs official requirements, quickly identify action points, use our help to fill gaps and efficiently report results.


Focus on steering your business and sharing knowledge

Having good visibility and formalising your activities becomes critical so you can delegate as needed and drive your business confidently.

Elemate : A common language

We keep it simple

A common language.

Each employee contributes, its own way.

Elemate makes adding elements, creating links and giving context super-intuitive. We care about what you input, not how or when.

We offer one smart & global framework where everyone feels useful.

Global & connected

Take a step back, see the connections.

Too often, information is siloed and scattered throughout the organisation or various specialised tools (ERP, CRM..). And obsolete…

Elemate is giving you the critical hindsight to access an augmented and contextualized version of your organisation.

Elemate : Global & connected

Realtime customised visualisation

Elemate adapts to your need, not the opposite.

Need for information changes in size and shapes depending on who you are talking to. Choose the best angle to support your point, Elemate will give you the right format to present.

Formats Library

The key is the representation

Navigate online or download up-to-date presentations, operating instructions ((doc, ppt, pdf..), or diagrams (svg, png, bpmn) in just a click.

We also give you VSM, Turtle or SIPOC representations

Zoom in…and out

Just adjust the cursor !

Our diagrams, processes and org charts show the level and depth of information you choose.

It’s just there, decide what you need

Click, visualise

Follow the path

As we’ve connected all the elements, navigate from one to the next and use or edit, always with the context in mind.

We give you a global, cross-departments picture.