About Elemate vision

Our vision

No time to waste !

We simply want people to feel that this documentation part of their job can be pleasant and useful.

That they are not wasting precious time, that their work contributes towards something bigger, resilient and useful for all.

Our mission

Gather information, make it useful.

Elemate wants to convert the growing and painful obligations to document activity into a unique opportunity : build at low-cost a new kind of knowledge base. Live, dynamic, useable - at last.

About Elemate mission

“Elemate allows me to bring a concrete solution to issues I have seen a hundred times”

Thomas started his career with Legrand in Sydney in 2002 and then joined Ceva Santé Animale in Bordeaux in 2015.

In charge of transformation projects, change management and organisations’ performance, he constantly faces the lack of adapted tools to facilitate internal documentation, to showcase and study value chains or to build a good and durable knowledge base for the group.

In late 2020, Thomas goes full-time on the product development of Elemate and, as a keen developer, implements the prototype.

About Founder Elemate


Engineer Centrale Lyon

Dev, Product, Biz Dev

About Co-founder Elemate

Grégoire BAGGIO

Engineer Financier Supaéro

Finance, solution, Biz Dev

“When I discovered the huge potential of the product, launching Elemate with Thomas became a no-brainer”

Greg met Thomas in Sydney in 2002, in his early career as a Commodities Trader for several large institutions in Asia and Europe.

In 2016, he makes a move towards Fintech and joins Weswap as Head of Performance in London : it’s all about operational excellence and transversality, building a common language between teams.

Back to Bordeaux, after an exciting year with ClayAir (AR/VR, ML and computer vision, bought by Qualcomm) he decides to join Thomas, start Elemate and make this time and cost saving, eye-opening solution available to most.

Our partners

Elemate & Unitec
Elemate & La French Tech
Elemate & BPI FRANCE